Integrating Work and Family: Challenges and Choices for a Changing World

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Mai 1997



A far-reaching and insightful examination of work-family issues and concerns in today's society, with practical and stimulating discussions of the dilemmas and the choices available to manage them.


"Work-family conflict has emerged as a prominent social issue because of its pervasiveness and complexity. Yet there has been little cultural appraisal of remedies to this conflict or what solutions do or do not work and why. The purpose of the present volume is to foster informed dialogue and debate among various constituencies that have an interest in solving the problems inherent in this conflict... The book's 21 chapters deal with managerial challenges; views from a variety of perspectives, including legal, cultural, and international dimensions; career development initiatives; and future directions.... [A]ll three of the target audiences (i.e., educators, counselors, and human resource professionals) should find the volume relevant. The book is well organized, contains introductory and summary chapters by the editors, and is well documented. Highly recommended for academic and professional business and social work collections."-Choice
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