Power and Restraint: The Moral Dimension of Police Work

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Juni 1991



Using a moral perspective grounded in the social contract and defining an ethical basis for police work, this work posits five standards by which to measure responsible police behaviour: fair access, public trust, safety and security, teamwork and objectivity.


Part 1 Standards of Police Ethics: The Moral Dimensions of Police Work; A Social Contract Perspective on the Police Role; Moral Standards for Police Work. Part 2 Applying the Standards to Cases: Rock Concert; Dispute over a Bicycle Calling in a Favour; Child Molester.


?Power and Restraint is designed to provide police officers and police trainers with the resources needed to develop and implement effective ethics training. The first three chapters present a model for police ethics based on John Locke's Second Treatise of Civil Government. Each of the following four chapters focuses on a dilemma that might be faced by police officers, and is accompanied by discussion of the possible alternate responses to the dilemma. This is a unique text, as available information in the area of police ethics is limited. The authors, recognized experts in the field of police ethics, have been developing training materials for more than 12 years. The book is clearly written, well reasoned, and is adequately referenced and indexed. Recommended for libraries serving law enforcement training programs or academic programs in criminal justice.?-Choice
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