Through Ordinary Eyes: The Civil War Correspondence of Rufus Robbins, Private, 7th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers

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August 2000



Reveals the extensive exchange of letters between Rufus Robbins and members of his family, providing a highly personalized view of the life of a Union soldier, as well as life on the home front.


Preface; Introduction; Letters from 1861; Letters from 1862; Letters from 1863; Appendix I: Chronology of the Seventh Regiment; Appendix II: Captain George Reed's letter to the Abington Standard; Index.


ELLA JANE BRUEN teaches at Sacred Heart High School and Intermediate School in Kingston, Massachusetts. The has served on the boards of F.C.P., Family Continuity Program, a social service agency and also on the Plymouth Antiquarian Society, an historical society in Plymouth. - BRIAN M. FITZGIBBONS has been a Civil War re-enactor with the Massachusetts Twelfth Regiment of Volunteers. He has visited and studied many Civil War battlefields, including Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg.


"Through Ordinary Eyes is highly recommended reading. Through these letters, the reader gains not only a glimpse of one Civil War soldier's life and death but also a much fuller understanding of the support provided by his family back home as they sustained their eldest son and brother in his determination to support the Union." Thomas R. Turner, Professor of History, Bridgewater State College. "Whether one studies religious life, the history of medicine and disease, the industrialization of America, or military history in its fullest sense, this manuscript provides valuable information ... I see it as a uniquely valuable addition to the history of the United States, and a resource that both scholars and students will want to exploit." Mary R. Habeck, Asst. Professor, Department of History, Yale University.
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