The International Sugar Trade

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The sugar market is an important market worldwide, especially given recent developments in Eastern Europe and Cuba. This is the only comprehensive reference guide to the worldwide sugar industry.Provides complete background material on the history of sugar -- from cultivation to end use.
-- Provides detailed coverage of the growing and production sector and discusses trends in world production, consumption, and sugar trading.
-- Includes salient data on production, export marketing, contracts, consumption, trade, and prices.
-- Analyzes the policies of the world's major sugar producers and the likely future developments in Eastern Europe and Cuba, and in the substitute sugar sweetener products.
-- Provides explanations of the sugar trade cycle and marketing chain, descriptions of the key players and detailed coverage of the sugar futures markets.


ORIGINS, BACKGROUND AND PRODUCTION. A Brief History. Cultivation. Sugar in Its Political and Sociological Context. THE WORLD SUGAR ECONOMY TODAY. National Policies. Supply. Demand. Exporters and Importers. Substitute Products. THE TRADE. Trends in the World Trade. Trends in World Prices. Futures Markets. THE FUTURE. Key Issues for the Future. Appendices. References. Index.


A. C. HANNAH is head of the Economics and Statistics Division of the International Sugar Organization (ISO). DONALD SPENCE writes extensively on commodities, futures, and options. He has been involved in the sugar market since 1957.
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