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September 2003



An RSC commission to commemorate the first celebration of Shakespeare's life and works. A mischievous satire on the foundation of the Shakespeare industry: In 1769, when David Garrick staged the first theatre festival to celebrate the life of Stratford's most famous son, little did he realise the impact it would have on the future livelihood of the small Warwickshire market town. Peter Barnes' ironic and irreverent new comedy dissects the cult of the theatrical personality, with guest appearances from the Bard himself, Ben Jonson, David Garrick, Samuel Johnson, Sir Peter Hall and Peter Barnes.


Peter Barnes is a writer and director whose work includes The Ruling Class (1968), The Bewitched (19 74), Red Noses (1985), Sunsets and Glories (1990) and Dreaming (1999). He won the Evening Standard A ward and the John Whiting Award, 1969; Sony Best Play Award, 1981; Laurence Olivier Award, 1985; Roy al Television Society Award for Best TV Play, 1987; and was nominated for an Oscar in 1993


"Peter Barnes is one of the unrecognised geniuses of the English theatre"--"Plays and Players"
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