Alternate Civilities: Democracy and Culture in China and Taiwan

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April 2001



An anthropologist's answer to the argument that China's cultural tradition renders it incapable of achieving an open political system, drawing on the example of the role of business organizations, religious groups and women's networks in the democratization of Taiwan.


* Culture, Economy, and the Roots of Civil Change * Legacies * The Limits to Authority * Business and the Limits to Civil Association * Religion: Local Associations and Split Market Cultures * Forms of Associations and Social Action * Alternate Civilities and Political Change


Robert Weller has been doing research on local life in China and Taiwan for over two decades. His other books include Resistance, Chaos, and Control in China: Taiping Rebels, Taiwanese Ghosts, and TiananmenUnities and Diversities in Chinese Religions, and several edited works. He is research associate at the Institute for the Study of Economic Culture and associate professor of anthropology at Boston University.
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