Historical Dictionary of the Cold War

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Covering an extensive period and much of the globe, this dictionary presents a year-by-year chronology and alphabetical entries on civilian and military leaders, crucial countries and peripheral conflicts, the increasingly lethal weapons systems, and the various political and military strategies.


Joseph Smith is a reader in American diplomatic history at Exeter University in England. Simon Davis is presently Assistant Professor of History at Bronx Community College of New York City University. Both have written extensively on the period and are specialists in American foreign policy and diplomacy.


The definitions are succinct and precise...a lucid, twenty-five page history of the Cold War. The Journal Of Military History Entries are intelligent, well written, and interesting. American Reference Books Annual ...an excellent dictionary of the cold war which will be of use not merely to undergraduates but also to more seasoned observers. History A first stop reference book for the Cold War. Journal Of Strategic Studies Articles are...objective and accurate...Nevertheless, undergraduates should find this a useful source on the military and political facets of the Cold War. CHOICE
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