Distant Mirrors: America as a Foreign Culture

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Juni 2001



This book consists of essays written by anthropologists and other scholars using an ethnographic perspective to interpret aspects of American culture. These essays enable readers to understand themselves better by focusing on others in their cultures, giving anthropology a comparative perspective that provides a reflective lens for understanding ourselves in the world in which we live.


1. One Hundred Percent American, by Ralph Linton. 2. The American Cultural Configuration, by Lowell D. Holmes and Ellen Rhoads Holmes. 3. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema, by Horace Miner. 4. Professor Widjojo Goes to a Koktel Parti, by Weston LaBarre. 5. An Outsider's View of American Culture, by Janusz L. Mucha. 6. Growing Up American: Doing the Right Thing, by Amparo Ojeda. 7. My American Glasses, by Francisco Martins Ramos. 8. American Graffiti: Curious Derivatives of Individualism, by Jin Kim. 9. The Young, the Rich, and the Famous: Individualism as an American Cultural Value, by Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel. 10. America and I, by Herve Varenne. 11. Encounters with the Elderly in America, by Yohko Tsuji. 12. Neighborly Strangers, by Honggang Yang. 13. Pais de Mis Suenos: Reflections on Ethnic Labels, Dichotomies, and Ritual Interaction, by Gisela Ernst. 14. Giving, Withholding, and Meeting Midway: A Poet's Ethnography, by Saleem Peerandina. 15. A Russian Teacher in America, by Andre Toom. 16. First Impressions: Diary of a French Anthropologist in New York City, by Francoise Dussart. 17. Life and Cultures: The Test of Real Participant Observation, by E. L. Cerroni-Long. 18. Learning to Hug: An English Anthropologist's Experiences in North America, by Geoffrey Hunt. 19. A European Anthropologist's Personal and Ethnographic Impressions of the United States, by Emanuel J. Drechsel.
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