Hollywood, Westerns and the 1930s

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September 2001



For the first time, this book tells the 'lost' story of the 1930s Western. Written from a concern to understand Western films primarily as products of Hollywood's studio system, it recovers the context in which Westerns were produced, exhibited and viewed in the 1930s. Peter Stanfield highlights the hitherto marginalized 'B' or 'series' Western, the significance of female audiences, the role of independent exhibitors and of censorship in shaping film production.


Contents: The first cycle of sound Westerns; series Westerns, Will Rogers and the emergence of the singing cowboy, 1931-1935; series Westerns - masking the modern; class-A Western features, 1935-1938; democratic art - Westerns 1939-1941; Dixie cowboys - representing the nation.


Peter Stanfield is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Kent. His main area of interest is the cultural history of American film, with a particular focus on film genres and cycles, and popular music and film. His current research is concentrated on and around post-war film cycles, in particular boxing movies, Mickey Spillane adaptations, Mark Hellinger Productions, Eagle-Lion crime films, the series of Audie Murphy westerns, and the psychologisation of the western hero.


"Full of insights, painstaking scholarship and lively writing. It will become a classsic. A definite recommendation." -Steve Neale, Research Professor in Film, Media and Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University and author of "Genre and Hollywood"--Steve Neale
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