Brief Mental Health Interventions for the Family Physician

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Juni 2001



Family Physicians need to be expert and active providers of mental health care. Their rapport with patients and accessibility enable them to control minor mental health conditions before these problems become critical. Brief Mental Health Interventions for the Family Physician is an ideal resource for Family Physicians. It provides a "refresher course" of sensible paths toward resolution of common mental health problems. It features an easy to read style, and well-focused references. The book summarizes the basic components of brief therapy and reviews how to conduct a brief therapy interview. It also includes chapters on specific clinical conditions and situations that routinely confront the family physician. Each chapter includes an outline, a case example or vignette, and a concise discussion of brief therapy strategies for the disorder. Primary care physicians will find this convenient text an ideal handy reference and review.


1.An approach to brief treatment in family practice 2.A brief approach to mental health screening 3.Depression 4.Anxiety 5.Panic Disorder 6.PTSD 7.Somatoform Disorders 8.Over Utilizers 9.Chronic Pain 10.Non-Adherence 11.Insomnia 12.Substance Abuse 13.Habit Problems 14.Relaxation Exercise Training 15.Crisis Intervention for the Suicidal Adult 16.Crisis Intervention for the Suicidal Adolescent 17.Behavioral and school problems in the child and adolescent 18.Evaluation and Brief Therapy for ADHD 19.School Phobia/Separation Anxiety 20.Early Intervention for Eating Disorders 21.Adolescent Substance Abuse 22.Marital Problems 23.Sexual problems 24.Domestic Abuse 25.Problems Associated with Chronic Illness: In adults; In children 26.Problems in the Nursing Home 27.Death: Dying and Grief 28.Resolving Problems of Advanced Directives and End of Life Decision Making
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