Digital Photojournalism

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Digital Photojournalism is dedicated to instruction and theory of digital processes and tools for the study of photojournalism. Currently, the best-selling photojournalism textbooks provide only a chapter or two on digital issues and technology; Digital Photojournalism is an entire book on the subject. Co-authored by a photojournalism professor at the University of North Texas and an Assistant Managing Editor of Visuals for The Dallas Morning News, the book merges two worlds of photojournalism - the academic and the professional - and incorporates the information essential to both. The book covers current practices in the professional field such as transmitting and archiving - information that those interested in photojournalism will need to know as they pursue careers in the field. Legal and ethical issues are also discussed. For interested beginners in digital photojournalism.


Introduction-Technology vs. Content. How to Use This Book. List of Photographs. SECTION 1. TECHNOLOGY IN THE FIELD. 1. Scanning and Pre-Press Tools for Traditional Print Publications. Digital Hybrid System.Film Scanners: Drum Scanners, 35mm Film Scanners.How to Scan/Pre-Press Steps in Photoshop.Areas for Discussion.2. More Pre-Press Tools for Better Reproduction. Areas for Discussion.3. Digital Cameras. The Digital Chain.What a Digital Camera Is in a Nutshell.Cameras Used in the Field/Features.A General Quick Start to Using a Digital Camera.The Vanishing Frame of the 35mm Image.Areas for Discussion.4. Scanning and Pre-Press Tools for Web Publications. Image Compression and File Formats for the Web.How to Create a GIF89 for the Web.Preparing Images for Web Publication and Workflow.Image Cropping and Web Publication.Areas for Discussion.SECTION 2. PHOTO DRIVEN PUBLICATIONS: PHOTO EDITING FOR THE WEB AND TRADITIONAL PRINT. 5. Photo Editing for Web Publications and the Role of Online. Photo Editing-Telling a Visual Story...Online.The Evolving Process of New Media Photo Editing: Print vs. Online.Time, Space, and the Use of Technology.Areas for Discussion.6. Photo Editing for Traditional Print Publications. Defining Photo Editing.The Planning Process: Photo Assignment and Picture Desk Operation.Using a Visual Language.Active vs. Passive Photographs.Photo Editor as Gatekeeper.Using the Photograph in the Correct Context.Shepherding the Use of Photographs.Cropping and Writing Captions.The Importance of Photography.The Hierarchy of Visual Journalists.Areas for Discussion.7. Transmitting in the Field. Transmission Methods.The Tools.A New Day.Areas for Discussion.8. Archiving Digital Image Files. Definition of Archiving.Archiving Software.Standard File Format for Archiving and other Features.Captions/ITPC Attribute Storage.Proofing and Searching.Archive Database for Traditional Print Publication and Online.Areas for Discussion.SECTION 3. THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOJOURNALIST'S DIGITAL PORTFOLIO. 9. Slide Portfolios. What a Portfolio Is.What to Include.How to Shoot and Present Portfolio Slides.Presentation and Grouping Your Work to Play to Its Strengths.Preparing Digital Files for Slide Output.Including the Resume.Where to Have Slides Made from Digital Files.Areas for Discussion.10. CD-ROM Portfolios. Preparing a CD-ROM Portfolio.Creating a Portfolio Website.Areas for Discussion.SECION 4. LEGAL ISSUES. 11. Copyright Issues. Copyright Law.Digital Millennium Copyright Act.Work for Hire.Freelance and Copyright.Fair Use.Safeguarding Photographs Published on the Web.Areas for Discussion.12. Case Studies. Case Law Decisions in News Photographs.Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography.Areas for Discussion.13. Legal Resources. SECTION 5. RESOURCES. Glossary of Terms. Index.
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