In the Catskills: A Century of Jewish Experience in "The Mountains"

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Mai 2002



Through fiction, memoir, music, photography, and art, In the Catskills highlights the Catskills experience over a century and assesses its continuing impact on American music, comedy, food, culture, and religion. It features selections from such fiction writers as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Herman Wouk, Allegra Goodman and Vivian Gornick; and original contributions from historians, sociologists, and scholars of American and Jewish culture that trace the history of the region, the rise of hotels and bungalow colonies, the wonderful flavors of food and entertainment, and distinctive forms of Jewish religion found in the Mountains.
What was life--the work, the play, the food, the romance--like at Catskills Mountains resorts? These very personal recollections capture the special sense of community and real sense of freedom that developed. Far from the welter of the city, Jewish families learned to vacation and enjoy themselves, to savor the social mobility and cultural space the resorts afforded, and to nourish their culinary and comic traditions. From "Bingo by the Bungalow" by Thane Rosenbaum to "Young Workers in the Hotels" by Phil Brown to "Shoot the Shtrudel to Me Yudel" by Henry Foner, this charming anthology captures an era that has had enormous impact on the Jewish experience and American culture as a whole.
"Whenever I speak about the Catskills," observes editor Phil Brown, "I am struck by the strength of people's desire to relive their experiences in the Mountains." If you've visited the Catskills yourself, or heard stories from your parents or grandparents, or are just interested in this extraordinary time and place, pack your bags and prepare to enjoy your stay In the Catskills.


Introduction, by Phil Brown
Part 1: HistoryJewish Farmers of the Catskills, by Abraham Lavender and Clarence SteinbergHotels and the Holocaust, by Reuben WallenrodThe Catskills at the End of World War II, by Martin Boris
Part 2: Boarding House, Bungalow, and Kuchalayn LifeThe Yearning Heifer, by Isaac Bashevis SingerGrine Felder--A Place in the Country, by Martin BorisBingo by the Bungalow, by Thane RosenbaumBungalow Colony Life, by Irwin Richman
Part 3: Hotel LifeDinner at the Rigi Kulm House, by Abraham CahanOld Stock, by Hortense CalisherYoung Workers in the Hotels, by Phil BrownThe Pool, by Eileen PollackGrowing Up at Grossinger's, by Tania GrossingerReflections on the Delmar Hotel and the Demise of the Catskills, by Jerry A. Jacobs
Part 4: EntertainmentComics, Singers, and Tummlers, by Joey Adams (with Henry Tobias)The Social Director in the Adult Summer Camp, by Moss HartThe Casino, by Harvey JacobsThe Fine art of Mountain Tummling, by Joyce WadlerShoot the Shtrudel to me Yudel--music and lyrics, by Henry Foner
Part 5: RomanceMiss Tevkin, by Abraham CahanForbidden Fruit, by Harvey JacobsAmy Lourie, by Terry Kay
Part 6: ReligionBungalow Summer, by Robert EisenbergThe Shul in Kaaterskill Falls, by Allegra GoodmanFoodEating at the Hotel, by Sarah SandbergThe Catskills Remembered, by Vivian GornickBungalow, by Elizabeth Ehrlich


Edited by Phil Brown


"Phil Brown's edited collection is a warm, charming, and valuable work. Much of the writing is simply gorgeous, a mixture of meticulously remembered details and the wisdom of the passing years." -- Paul Buhle, Contemporary Sociology
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