The Rise and Fall of the Second Empire, 1852-1871

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Dezember 1989



The Second Empire lasted longer than any French regime since 1789, yet most historical accounts of the government of Napoleon III have been overshadowed by the knowledge of its disastrous and tragic end. As Professor Plessis shows in this detailed thermatic study, such an approach ignores the major social, economic, and political developments of a period that witnessed the gradual acceptance of univeral suffrage, the establishment of large-scale industrial capitalism, a massive improvement in communications, and the birth of impressionism in art.


Chronology; Foreword; 1. The regime of Napoleon III; 2. The political personnel and political life of the Second Empire; 3. Economic progress and change; 4. Living standards, life styles and attitudes; 5. The good years, 1852-61; 6. Decline and fall; Notes; Bibliography; Index of names.


' ... the best general history of the Second Empire so far published.' Roger Price, Times Higher Education Supplement
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