Innovation and Transformation in International Studies

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September 2001



This book explores the nature of, and conditions for, theoretical innovation in international studies.


Part I. Rethinking Remaking the Roots of Global Social and Political Theory: 1. Transformation and innovation in the study of world order Stephen Gill; 2. Consciousness, myth and collective action: Gramsci, Sorel and the ethical state Enrico Augelli and Craig N. Murphy; 3. Critical realism and the demystification of interstate power E. H. Carr, Hedley Bull and Robert W. Cox Richard Falk; 4. Ibn Khaldun and world order Mustapha Pasha; Part II. Political Economy: the Social and Ecological Anatomy of Transformation: 5. Ecology, political economy and the counter-movement: Karl Polanyi and the second great transformation Mitchell Bernard; 6. Braudelian reflections on economic globalisation: the historian as pioneer, Eric Helleiner; 7. Social forces and international political economy: joining the two IRs Jeffrey Harrod; 8. Transnational class formation and state forms Kees van der Pijl; Part III. Transformation, Innovation and Emancipation in Global Political and Civil Society: 9. Globalisation and contested common sense in the United States Mark Rupert; 10. The silent revolution and the weapons of the weak: transformation and innovation from below Fantu Cheru; 11. Frantz Fanon, decolonisation and the emerging world order Randolph Persaud; 12. Whose crisis? Early and post-modern masculinism V. Spike Peterson; Part IV. Reflections on Global Order in the Twenty-First Century: 13. Civil society and democratic world order Yoshikazu Sakamoto; 14. Imposing global order: a synthesised ontology for a turbulent era James N. Rosenau; 15. The problem or the solution? Capitalism and the state system Susan Strange; 16. Rethinking innovation in international studies: global transformation at the turn of the millennium James H. Mittelman.
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