Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion?

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According to several writers, perceptual consciousness is a kind of false consciousness. This view grows out of the discovery of phenomena like change blindness and inattentional blindness. Such radical scepticism has acute and widespread implications for the study of perception and consciousness.


Alva Noe, Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion? Daniel C. Dennett, How Could I Be Wrong? How Wrong Could I Be? Susan Blackmore, There Is No Stream of Consciousness Bruce Bridgeman, The Grand Illusion and Petit Illusions: Interactions of Perception and Sensory Coding Eric Schwitzgebel, How Well Do We Know Our Own Conscious Experience? The Case of Visual Imagery Dana H. Ballard, Our Perception of the World Has To Be an Illusion Temre N. Davies, Donald D. Hoffman & Antonio M. Rodriguez, Visual Worlds: Construction Or Reconstruction? Frank H. Durgin, The Tinkerbell Effect: Motion Perception and Illusion Arien Mack, Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion? A Response Daniel T. Levin, Change Blindness Blindness As Visual Metacognition Charles Siewert, Is Visual Experience Rich Or Poor? Jonathan Cohen, The Grand Grand Illusion Illusion Mark Rowlands, Two Dogmas of Consciousness Andy Clark, Is Seeing All It Seems? Action, Reason and the Grand Illusion


Alva Noe is Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

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