Fishing for Heritage: Modernity and Loss Along the Scottish Coast

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Januar 2003



Coastal Scotland is one of the world's most romanticized tourist destinations, yet it is in the midst of severe economic decline. Drawing upon fieldwork, novels, folk music and travel literature, Nadel-Klein explores how these influences have affected locals' sense of identity.


Contents Acknowledgements 1 Archetypes, Fantasies and Ethnographic Destinations...1 2 Stigma and Separation: Fisherfolk as a "Race Apart"...38 3 Fisher Lassies: Gender, Stereotypes and Marginality...90 4 Ferryden: Place, Power and Identity...160 5 Perpetual Crisis and the Making of the Fisherfolk...236 6 Fisherfolk under Glass? Memory and the Heritage Wars ...298 Afterword: Scotland in the General and the Particular ...370 Bibliography...376 Index


Jane Nadel-Klein Associate Professor of Anthropology,Trinity College, Hartford


Although Fishing for Heritage is a scholarly book, it still remains accessible to its subjects, should be required reading for those involved with the heritage industry, and can be recommended to anyone else with an interest in Scotland's past and future. Sara Marsh, Times Literary Supplement An important contribution to contemporary anthropology and especially for Scottish studies. The Scots Magazine Industrial Archaeologists and heritage professionals should take note of 'Fishing for Hertiage' as a valuable study of dogged cultural survival in industrial communities and the role of sites and artifacts in the local consciousness and sense of identity. Industrial Archaeology Journal Jane Nadel-Klein has produced a book about the fisherfolk of the east coast of Scotland that is very informative and is truly well worth reading. Peter Bruce Honarary Life Member Buckie District Fishing Heritage Museum
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