Workforce Transitions from the Profit to the Nonprofit Sector

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Over the last 20 years, the number of professional managers displaced from US corporate jobs has increased dramatically. This has coincided with the rapid expansion of employment in the US nonprofit sector; a sector that has a high proportion of managerial and professional workers among its employees. Workforce Transitions from the Profit to the Nonprofit Sector examines the career sequences of dislocated white-collar corporate managers who want to move to the nonprofit sector. It highlights the managers' motivations, the structural barriers which prevented them from making the transition, and the methods of penetrating the barriers. It uncovers the reasons why some corporate managers are able to make the transition and why others do not. Finally, it presents the methods of adaptation that were utilized in their new environments. This volume will be of interest to human resource managers in the profit and nonprofit sectors, sociologists, occupational researchers, and organizational psychologists.


I. Introduction. II. Culture Change and Career Transition. III. Differences and Barriers between the Two Worlds. IV. The Nonprofit Management and Communications Program. V. Program Components. VI. Transition to the Nonprofit World. VII. Conclusion - Implications for Management Approaches. Reference List. Appendices. Index.


"...succeeds as a case study of changing roles, attitudes, and barriers to entry created by stereotypes held by nonprofit managers about corporate counterparts. The author is aware of the task...as evidenced by the wide range of sociological, anthropological, and organizational studies cited and related to his subject. ...we thank the author for pointing the way and for his contribution."
(Monthly Labor Review (November 2002)
"As managers attempt to move from the bottom-line driven world of for-profits to the values driven world of nonprofits, they are faced with the challenge of reorienting more than just their work styles. As Stein points out, they must also reorient their identities in fundamental ways. This book provides valuable insights to for-profit managers attempting to make the transition to the workforce. It also has much to say to managers already in the nonprofit workforce about how their values are embedded in the actions and structures of their organizations."
(Paul-Brian McInerney, Dept. of Sociology, Columbia University, New York)
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