The Enigma of Gift and Sacrifice

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What does it mean to give a gift? In this timely collection, distinguished anthropologists-Maurice Godelier, George Marcus, Stephen Tyler-and philosophers-Mark C. Taylor, John D. Caputo, Jean-Joseph Goux and Adriaan Peperzak, explore an enigma that has disturbed contemporary philosophers from Marcel Mauss to Jacques Derrida.The essays included in the volume: Some Things You Give, Some Things You Sell, But Some Things You Must Keep for Yourselves: What Mauss Did Not Say about Sacred Objects by Maurice Godelie.The Gift and Globalization: A Prolegomenon to the Anthropological Study of Contemporary Finance Capital and Its Mentalities by George MarcusCapitalizing (on) Gifting by Mark C. TaylorEven Stevenor No Strings Attachedby Stephen TylerMothering, Co-muni-cation and the Gifts of Language by Genevieve VaughanThe Time of Giving, the Time of Forgiving by John D. CaputoSeneca against Derrida: Gift and Alterity by Jean-Joseph Goux Giving by Adriaan Peperzak


Edith Wyschogrod is J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Rice University and author of Emmanuel Levinas: The Problem of Ethical Metaphysics. Jean-Joseph Goux is Lawrence H. Favrot Professor of French Studies at Rice University and author of Frivolite de la valeur: essal sur l'imaginaire du capitalisme and The Coiners of Language. Eric Boynton is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Rice University.

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