Multiparticulate Oral Drug Delivery

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Explores the various aspects of multiparticulate dosage form development, assessing the in vivo behaviour and performance of multiparticulates as well as comparing their market position to other dosage forms. Alternative pelletization techniques are comprehensively discussed.


Manufacture of Core Pellets by Balling Preparation of Micropellets by Spray Congealing Cryopelletization Coating of Multiparticulates Using Polymeric Solutions: Formulation and Process Considerations Coating of Multiparticulates Using Polymeric Dispersions: Formulation and Process Considerations Coating of Multiparticulates Using Molten Materials: Formulation and Process Considerations, Suspensions and Dispersible Dosage Forms of Multiparticulates, Roland Bodmeier and Ornlaksana Paeratakul Multiparticulate Encapsulation Equipment and Process Compaction of Multiparticulate Oral Dosage Forms Key Factors in the Development of Modified-Release Pellets Mechanisms of Release from Coated Pellets Biopharmaceutical Aspects of Multiparticulates In Vivo Behavior of Multiparticulate Versus Single-Unit Dose Formulations Capsule Shell Composition and Manufacturing Packaging of Multiparticulate Dosage Forms: Materials and Equipment Marketing Considerations


"The book is written by recognized specialistsshould prove useful to both scientists and technologists involved in the development of multiparticulate dosage forms. "-Powder Technology "valuable as a comprehensive review. "-Pharmaceutical Technology "certainly recommendable. "-Journal of Drug Targeting
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