Current Developments in Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics with Applications

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Proceedings of an International Conference on Current Developments in Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics with Applications, held March 20-22, 2002, in Delhi, India.
The 38 chapters cover a broad range of research activities categorized into four sub-topics, namely:

* Processes in Laser Fields,
* Chemical Physics,
* Collision Processes,
* Atomic Structure and Applications.


Part I: Processes In Laser Fields. 1. Generation of Photon Number States on Demand; H. Walther. 2. Polarization-Dependent Spectra in the Photoassociative Ionisation of Cold Atoms in a Bright Sodium Beam; J. Weiner, W. Degraffenreid, J. Ramirez-Serrano. 3. Dynamic Imaging of Molecular Motion with Ultrashot Intense Laser Pulses; A.D. Bandrauk, S. Chelkowski. 4. Fractal Singularities and the Rate of Multiphoton Dissociation; V. Constantoudis, C.A. Nicolaides. 5. Multiphoton Processes in Laser Field; M. Mohan, R. Kundliya. 6. Femtosecond Ionization of CH3-CN-NaI and CH3-CN-CsI; E. Charron, D.T. Stibbe, A. Suzor Wiener. 7. Study of Intramolecular Dynamics of Highly Energised Small Molecules Using Laser Spectroscopic Techniques; A.P. Mishra, R.L. Thom, S. Altunata, R.W. Field. 8. Quantum Dynamics of Polyatomic Molecules; V. Prasad, N. Singhal. 9. Study of Excited State Dynamics to Improve the Potical Limiting Performance of Tetra Tolyl Porphrins; D. Narayana Rao, P.P. Kiran, D.R. Reddy, B.G. Maiya. Part II: Chemical Physics. 10. Nonadiabatic Transitions and Chemical Dynamics; H. Nakamura. 11. Quantum Theory of Molecular Reactions and Photodissociation; G.G. Balint-Kurti. 12. Recent Applications of the Quantum Trajectory Method; R.E. Wyatt. 13. Theory and Control of Photo-Excited Polyatomic Reactions; E. Pollak. 14. Quantum-Dressed Classical Mechanisms; G.D. Billing. 15. Reactive Scattering Resonances in (He,H2+) Collisions; B. Maiti, N. Sathyamurthy. 16. Quantum Molecular Dynamics on the Conically Intersecting Potential Energy Surfaces: Nonadiabatic Effects and Ultrafast Relaxation; S. Mahapatra. 17. Van Der Waals Interaction Probed by Solvatochromic Shifts; S. Canuto, D. Trzesniak, K. Coutinho. 18. Role of Electronic Structure of Ruthenium Polypyridyl Dyes in the Photoconversion Efficiency of Dye - Sensitized Solar Cells: A Semi-Empirical Investigation; K. Srikanth, M.K. Mishra. Part III: Collision Processes. 19. UV Spectroscopy by Electron Impact for Planetary Astronomy and Astrophysics; J. Ajello, V. Prahlad, G. Osiniski. 20. Electron Impact of Astrophysically Important Neutral Atoms; S.S. Tayal. 21. Ionization and Fragmentation of Fullerene Ions by Electron Impact; D. Hathiramani, R. Trassl, P. Scheier, E. Salzborn. 22. Electron Impact Ionisation Cross-Sections of the Transition Metals; P.L. Bartlett, A.T. Stelbovics. 23. Multiple Ionisation of Atoms; P. Golecki, A. Rothe, H. Klar. 24. Longitudinal Spin Asymmetry in (E, 2e) Processes on Atoms by Relativistic Electrons; K.K. Sud. 25. Correlations in Some Two Electron Transition Processes; C. Sinha. 26. Electron Excitation of the D States of Atoms; R. Srivastava, K. Muktavat. 27. Relativistic Dynamical Effects in Atomic Photoabsorption; P.C. Deshmukh. 28. Vibrational Excitation of Polyatomic Molecules by Electron- and Positron-Collisions; Y. Itikawa. 29. Electron Attachment to Molecules of Practical Applications; E. Krishnakumar. 30. Electron Impact Cross Sections with O Atoms; O2 And O3 Molecules &endash; A Theoretical
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