The Language of the Civil War

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August 2001



America's language changed, along with its history, because of the Civil War. Nowhere is that point more riveting than in The Language of the Civil War. This is a unique compilation of slang, nicknames, military jargon and terminology, idioms, colloquialisms, and other words and expressions used (and often originating) during the American Civil War. Organized like a standard dictionary, this volume contains approximately 4,000 entries that focus primarily on everyday camp life, military hardware, and military organization. This one-of-a-kind reference work will make it easy for readers to learn the origin and meaning of such Civil War terms as Buttermilk Rangers, jackstraws, Nassau bacon, pumpkin slinger, and stand the gaff.


?The Language Of The Civil War compiled by journalist John D. Wright is an impressive reference (accessibly organized in the style of a dictionary) of slang, nicknames, military jargon, idioms, colloquialisms, and other words that originated in or were commonly used during era the American Civil War. Meticulous in its comprehensive attention to detail, The Language Of The Civil War is an essential addition to Civil War reference collections, and sheds considerable linguistic comprehension and background on the language and terminology endemic to virtually all primary sources and first-person accounts of America's bloodiest war. In addition to being invaluable for academia in general and Civil War buffs in particular, The Language Of The Civil War is also an ideal resource for writers of historical fiction set in the Civil War era and seeking authenticity and realism in their work.?-MBR: Internet Bookwatch
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