Regulating Cyberspace: The Policies and Technologies of Control

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This visionary book presents an interdisciplinary and cogent approach to the issue of Internet governance and control. By examining five critical areas in which the tension between freedom and control is most palpable--fair competition and open access, free expression, intellectual property, privacy rights, and security--Spinello guides the reader on a tour of the emerging body of law and public policy that has attempted to control the anarchy of cyberspace. In so doing, he defends the credo of Internet self-regulation, asserting that the same powerful and flexible architectures that created the Internet as we know it today can be relied upon to aid the private sector in arriving at a workable, decentralized regulatory regime. Except in certain circumstances that require government involvement, self-regulation is not only viable but is a highly preferred alternative to the forced uniformity that centralized structures tend to impose.


Preface; Global Connectivity and Access; Creating and Regulating the Internet; Decentralizing Regulation; Electronic Commerce and the Network Economy; Competition and Antitrust in Cyberspace; Freedom of Expression and Content Controls; Intellectual Property Wars and Knowledge Monopolies; Privacy Rights and the Internet; Cybercrimes, Encryption, and Government Surveillance; Epilogue.


?Spinello closely examines Internet regulation, focusing on five key areas: fair competition and open access, free expression, intellectual property, privacy rights, and security. He takes an in-depth look at the debate in each of these areas, sorting through and clearly articulating the multitude of issues....this book is an excellent, comprehensive resource providing valuable insight. General readers; lower-division undergraduates; professionals.?-Choice
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