The Marketization of Social Security

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September 2000



Much could be gained from the privatization of social security--but can the gains actually be delivered? Dixon, Hyde, and their contributing authors take a balanced look at where we are now, and where we seem to be moving, on the issues of social security privatization and come up skeptical. There will be tradeoffs, but will the benefits outweigh the costs? Their volume examines a variety of settings in Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa, where the "marketization" of social security appears most hotly contested. As a contribution to this new, energetic global policy discourse, the book will be of special interest to policymakers in the public and private sectors, and particularly in organizations where concerns about the growing cost of employee benefits have become critical.


?[G]ives a pragmatic and fair assessment of market reform of public social security provisions in eight countries: Chile, Brazil, Netherlands, Britian, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Canada, and the United States....[T]his book gives us some in-depth case analyses of privat/public mix in social security within an international perspective....[T]his book is a most welcome addition to the literature that helps us to understand the nature and dynamic of privatized social security programs across nations.?-Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare
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