Distance Learning for Higher Education

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A survey of the current literature on distance learning. Organized thematically, each chapter features an introduction by the authors and provides complete bibliographic information, detailed annotations, and Web sites. Covering every aspect of distance learning-from methods of delivery to instructional design and evaluation-this guide will prove to be an essential resource for anyone involved in distance education.


Marjorie Fusco is Associate Professor and Reference Librarian at Dowling College in Oakdale, New York. Susan E. Ketcham is Associate Professor and Catalog Librarian at Southampton College/Long Island University in Southampton, New York.


?The authors have taken a prolifically discussed topic and provided a well organized starting point for exploration. Coverage is balanced and care has been taken to include sources that document actual experiences as well as potential problems and pitfalls. Organization and detail result in an easy-to-read guide that effectively introduces current issues to anyone involved in distance education.?-Collection Management
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