Middle School and the Age of Adjustment: A Guide for Parents

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The problems that can occur in middle school are detailed in this book from the inside view of the school counselor. Parents are given advice and practical suggestions that they can use to help their children, and the text contains forms that can be used in school and a list of resources.


Who Is a Middle School Child?; Adjustment to Sixth Grade; Boys' Challenges; Giris' Challenges; The Power of the Peer Group: Clothes, Bullies, Drugs; School Achievement; How to Communicate with Teachers; Outside Interests and Positive Identity; The Sexual Messages in Our Society; Effective Communication; Boundaries, Limits, Expectations, and Consequences; Development and the Passage of Time; Special Needs Children; Sibling Conflict; Violence in Schools; Entertain Me Now!; More about Sex; You are a Parent, Not a Friend; Can Middle School Students Be Stressed?; Accepting Your Child; Reflections of Ninth Graders about Middle School; The Effects of Divorce on Middle School Children; Step parenting Can Work-Or It Can Be a Disaster; The Importance of Early and Continuous Career Exploration; After Middle School--High School Is Different; Resilience; The Power of Family Love; Bibliography; Index.


EILEEN BERNSTEIN is the Guidance Counselor, at Gaithersburg High School, Maryland.


"This is a must read for any parent sending a child to middle school. It captures the "pure" essence of adolescence. Having spent twenty-five years in the business as a middle school counselor and dealing with so many of the issues presented in this book, I found myself nodding my head throughout the entire book. The situations and suggestions were right on the money! The scenarios presented are very realistic and the advice given in very practical and it works. This book is one of the most comprehensive and well written books on middle schoolers that I have ever read. I can't wait to have this book published so I can recommend it to my parents."-Dedra H. Green Resource Guidance Counselor Montgomery County Public Schools
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