Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology

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The third edition of Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology provides in-depth coverage of theoretical, research, and clinical positions in psychopathology. Extensively revised and updated, this new edition Outlines a highly improved classification scheme based on the DSM IV; Includes two new chapters on schizophrenia that reflect renewed interest in this topic; Puts new emphasis on cultural and developmental issues; Contains increased coverage of the overlap of medicine and abnormal behavior. £/LIST£ Furnishing both empirical and research data useful to graduate students and practicing clinicians in the mental health profession, particularly clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, and social work, this handbook is an ideal reference source.


Part I: Issues in Psychopathology. 1. The Classification of Abnormal Behavior: An Overview; H.E. Adams, et al. 2. Methodological Issues in Clinical Diagnosis; S.L. Garfield. 3. Behavior Genetic Approaches to the Study of Psychopathology; S.H. Rhee, et al. 4. Biological Variables in Psychopathology: A Psychobiological Perspective; D.C. Fowles. 5. Culture, Ethnicity, and Psychopathology; J.L. Tsai, et al. Part II: Neurotic and Psychotic Disorders. 6. Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders and Phobias; R.M. Rapee, D.H. Barlow. 7. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders; S.M. Turner, et al. 8. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders; J.A. Fairbank, et al. 9. Somatoform and Factitious Disorders; A. Iezzi, et al. 10. Dissociative Disorders; J.F. Kihlstrom. 11. Mood Disorders: Unipolar and Bipolar; L.P. Rehm, et al. 12. Delusions; B.A. Maher. 13. The Schizophrenias: Biological Perspectives; B.A. Maher, P.J. Deldin. 14. Genetics and Schizophrenia; F. Schneider, P.J. Deldin. 15. The Schizophrenias: A Critical Examination; C.A. Sanislow, R.C. Carson. Part III: Personality Disorders. 16. Antisocial Personality Disorder; P.B. Sutker, A. Allain. 17. Borderline Personality Disorder; H.E. Adams, et al. 18. Narcissistic, Dependent and Histrionic Personality Disorders; T.A. Widiger, R.F. Bornstein. Part IV: Disorders Associated with Social and Situational Problems. 19. Substance Abuse: An Overview; S. Tapert, et al. 20. The Alcohol-related Disorders: Psychopathology, Diagnosis, Etiology, and Treatment; P.E. Nathan, et al. 21. Treatment of Cocaine Dependence and Opioid Dependence; A.I. Alterman, et al. 22. Etiology and Management of Eating Disorders; D.A. Williamson, et al. 23. Sleep Disorders; R.R. Bootzin, et al. 24. The Sexual Dysfunctions; V.J. Malatesta, H.E. Adams. 25.Sexual Disorders: The paraphilias; R.D. McAnulty, et al. Part V: Disorders Associated with Physical Trauma and Medical Illness. 26. Psychobiology of Health and Disease; P.J. Brantley, S.C. Ames. 27. Emotional Disorders and Medical Illness; R.L. Gibson, E.A. Burch. 28. Behavioral Disorders Associated with Central Nervous System Dysfunctions; S.A. Castellon, et al. 29. Cognitive Approaches to Memory Disorders of Demented Patients; W.C. Heindel, D.P. Salmon. Part VI: Disorders Arising in Specific Life Stages. 30. Psychopathology in Children; P.J. Frick, P. Silverthorn. 31. Psychopathology in the Aged; J. Fisher, et al. Authors Index. Subject Index.


From reviews of previous editions:
`It will be an important reference book for many years to come.'
Behavior Research and Therapy
`With the aid of some 60 contributors the editors have prepared a comprehensive review of `current clinical descriptions, research, and theories of psychopathology' for use by all professionals active in care-giving or research in mental health.'
Psychological Reports
`Adams and Sutker have assembled an impressive and wide-ranging volume .... recommended strongly to researchers, to clinicians, and to university students.'
Contemporary Psychology
`A fine review of clinical descriptions research, and theories of psychopathology. The historical and descriptive overviews of diagnostic categories are excellent.'
`Voluminous references follow each chapter, constituting a monument to the assiduity and scholarship of the authors; .... a valuable addition to the libraries of the mental health professional, the lecturer, and the advanced student.'
Child and Family Behavior Therapy

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