New Frontiers in Middle East Security

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New Frontiers in Middle East Security uses an interdisciplinary approach to chart a new course for national security research and policy-making in the turbulent region of the Middle East. Combining the rigour of international relations theory with the depth of area studies scholarship, the book creates a comprehensive understanding of the status of national security in the Middle East. The essays break new ground by integrating five variables into a new national security paradigm: political legitimacy, ethnic and religious tolerance, economic capabilities, availability of essential natural resources, and military capabilities. The impressive group of contributors provides data and analysis on both a country and a regional level to underscore the interrelationships among the variables in the paradigm. Overall, New Frontiers in Middle East Security illustrates the value of an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing and proposing policies for national security, by offering new and informative insights through the use of this method.


Preface and Acknowledgments; L.Martin PART 1: THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS Towards an Integrated Approach to National Security in the Middle East; L.Martin PART II: POLITICAL LEGITIMACY Political Legitimacy and the Production of History: The Case of Saudi Arabia; M.Al-Rasheed Reform Without Democracy?; R.Norton & F.Kazemi Legitimacy and Security in Arab Countries; M.K.Al-Sayyid PART III: RELIGIOUS AND ETHNIC TOLERANCE Religious Communities, Secularism, and Security in Turkey; S.Ayata & A.G¿nes-Ayata Ethnicity and Security Problems in Turkey; A.G¿nes-Ayata & S.Ayata PART IV: ECONOMIC CAPABILITIES Economic Improvement in the Middle East: A Genuine Move Forward or Preservation of the Status Quo?; S.Shahabi & F.Farhi The Economic Component of Middle East Security: Twenty-First Century Options; R.Owen PART V: AVAILABILITY OF ESSENTIAL NATURAL RESOURCES Water and Security in the Middle East: The Israeli-Syrian Water Confrontations: A Case Study; H.Shuval PART VI: MILITARY CAPABILITIES Towards the Emergence of a Mutual Security System in the Middle East; Y.Evron Conclusions: Crossing the New Frontiers; L.Martin Index


LENORE G. MARTIN is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Emmanuel College in Boston. Her first book, The Unstable Gulf: Threats From Within, was published in 1984.

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