Towards Democratic Viability: The Bolivian Experience

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The book traces the twin processes of economic liberalization and political democratization in Bolivia since the 1980s, placing both in their historical context. By focusing on the issue of democratic 'viability', it seeks to raise the broader question of the relationship between democratization and the socio-economic context in which it takes place. In particular, it examines the institutional reforms of the early 1990s - praised by the World Bank and others - and considers their achievements and limitations.


Notes on the Contributors Introduction PART ONE: CONTEXT The Viability of Democracy;
L.Whitehead The Emergence of Democracy in Bolivia;
L.Whitehead Economic Vulnerabilty in Bolivia;
J.A.Morales PART TWO: POVERTY AND EXCLUSION Exclusion, Participation and Democratic State Building;
G.Gray-Molina Rural Poverty and Development;
J.Munoz Technology and Rural Productivity;
D.S.de Lozada &
C.Valenzuela Human Development in a Multi-ethnic Society;
F.Ruiz-Mier PART THREE: INSTITUTIONAL PROBLEMS AND RESPONSES Party Politics, Intermediation and Representation;
P.Domingo The Private Sector and Democratisation;
H.G.Lopez Legal Security in Bolivia;
E.R.Veltzé Accountability in the Transition of Democracy;
A.S.de Lozada Conclusions Index


PILAR DOMINGO Lecturer in Politics, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
GEORGE GRAY MOLINA Doctoral Candidate in Politics, Nuffield College, Oxford
HORST GREBE LÓPEZ President, Bolivian Society of Political Economy, Instituto Prisma
JUAN ANTONIO MORALES President, Central Bank of Bolivia
JORGE MUNOZ Economist, World Bank
EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ VELTZÉ Professor, Civil and Administrative Law, Catholic University and the Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar
ANTONIO SANCHEZ DE LOZADA Consultant, former Bolivian Senator
DIEGO SANCHEZ DE LOZADA Lecturer, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz
CARLOS VALENZUELA Director, Center for Aerospace Surveys and Applications, University of San Simon, Cochabamb


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