In Quest of Tomorrow's Medicines

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Januar 2003



An eminent scientist talks about the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and the future of drug research. In the course of our busy, technologically-driven lives, it is taken for granted that we respond to minor fluctuations in our health by taking pills - pills for headache and for toothache; sleeping pills and tranquilizers; pills to lower fever, quiet coughs, and clear the sinuses; medicines to reduce appetite; preparations to relieve heartburn; and many more. In the war against serious disease, medicines are an indispensable weapon in the physician's arsenal: they save lives, or at least prolong them and make them more bearable. Despite the important role that pharmaceuticals play in our lives, few of us know where medicines come from or how the pharmaceutical industry discovers and develops new drugs. Jürgen Drews, an acclaimed leader in the pharmaceutical industry, tells the fascinating story of drug discovery and development from his years of successfully leading international research teams at Hoffman-LaRoche. Drews traces the history of modern drug development from pharmacies, chemical companies, and individual entrepreneurs in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. to the mega-corporations that dot the landscape of Europe, Japan and America. He describes the process by which new drugs are tested and brought to market, including a provocative look at how AIDS activism stimulated the approval process in the U.S. Drews' commentary on the role of clinical trials - the time involved and their cost - is sobering testimony to the complexity of bringing innovation to the marketplace. In the final two chapters of "In Quest of Tomorrow's Medicines", Drews offers an important and critical analysis of research in the pharmaceutical industry, pointing to strategies that work and management practices that impede progress.


Drugs, Patients and the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Role of Drugs in the Practice of Medicine ** The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Medical Use of Drugs ** THE HISTORY OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: The Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry ** Natural Substances as Drugs ** DRUG RESEARCH MERGING EXPERIMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY: The Origins of Heterocyclic Chemistry ** Dyes as Drugs: The Birth of Chemotherapy ** TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES AND A PARADIGM SHIFT IN DRUG RESEARCH: Technological Advance--Positive Crises ** The Influence of Molecular Biology on Medicine ** A MEDICINE IN BORN--RESERACH, DEVELOPMENT AND REGISTRATION: Research Strategies ** What is Development? ** Requirements for Drug Approval and Safety ** Development as Process ** MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATION: DIRECTING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Two Cultures ** Management of Research ** THE FUTURE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY ** Strategic Options ** Focus of Innovation: The Biotechnology Industry ** Centers of Innovation in the University ** Future Pharmaceuticals Scenarios ** Connections Between Basic Research and Pharmaceutical InnovationDr. Jurgen Drews is former President of Global Research at Hoffman-La Roche, Inc., Nutley, New Jersey, USA. In addition, Dr. Drews was a member of the Executive Committee of the Roche Group. He is a member of the faculty of medicine at the University of Heidelberg where he participates in teaching pharmacology to medical students as well as to students of chemistry and pharmacy. He is also a member of the faculty at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. He has written two books on chemotherapy and immunopharmacology and has published over 200 research articles on medical and biological issues in major international journals. In recent years his interest has turned to questions related to the management of science and technology in the corporation as well as society.


Jürgen Drews wurde 1933 in Berlin geboren. Er studierte Medizin, habilitierte sich und wurde Professor für Innere Medizin in Heidelberg und Molekulare Genetik in New Jersey, USA. Von 1976 bis 1988 leitete er die weltweite Forschung und Entwicklung großer international tätiger Pharma-Firmen, zuletzt als Mitglied der Konzernleitung bei Hoffmann-La Roche.Er ist heute freiberuflich tätig und lebt in der Nähe von München und in Naples, USA. 2004 erhielt er den Beckmann Preis der American Laboratory Association für bedeutende Beiträge zur Arzneimittelforschung. Drews veröffentlichte zahlreiche wissenschaftliche Artikel und ist Herausgeber und Autor vieler Fachbücher, z.B. In Quest of Tomorrow's Medicines (Springer, New York 2000). Daneben publizierte er mehrere Romane, u.a. El Mundo oder die Leugnung der Vergänglichkeit (2003), Menschengedenken (2005), Das Mörderspiel (2006) sowie Erzählungen und Gedichtbände.


"A comprehensive story of drug research with all its glorious successes, its paradigm shifts, its new strategies, and its crisis at the brink of the 21st century, where new players have already moved into areas, which for a long time appeared to be reserved for the pharmaceutical industry. Told as a thrilling story." (Martin Hicklin, Basler Zeitung, Switzerland)
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