Encounters and Reflections

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PrefaceProloguePart One: Encounters1. The University of Chicago, 1948-52, 1954-552. Athens, Rome, and Florence, 1952-543. St. John's, 1955-574. Harvard, 1957-605. Brandeis, New York University, and the New School, 1960-2001Part II: Reflections6. From Pattern to Dynamic7. The "Indeterminate Dyad"8. Eros and the City9. Philosophy and Science10. Christianity and Roman WritersIndex


Seth Benardete (1930-2001) was professor of classics at New York University. He was the author or translator of many books, most recently The Argument of the Action, Plato's "Laws," and Plato's "Symposium," all published by the University of Chicago Press. Ronna Burger is professor of philosophy at Tulane University.


"Seth Benardete was a scholar, a philosopher, and a most extraordinary man....Before the died on November 14, 2001, at the age of seventy-one, he was the most learned man alive - and, I venture to assert, the deepest thinker as well." - Harvey Mansfield, The Weekly Standard "There is in the United States one man who is as comfortable with the art of interpreting Homer, Herodotus, or Euripides as he is with that of understanding the most difficult problems raised by Plato's dialogues, a man who follows texts step by step and discovers their hidden meanings. That man is Seth Benardete. I have long believed that he deserves glory - that of the heroes of Homer, to be precise." - Pierre Vidal-Naquet
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