Trauma, War, and Violence: Public Mental Health in Socio-Cultural Context

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April 2002



This volume describes a variety of public mental health and psychosocial programs in conflict and post-conflict situations in Africa and Asia. Each chapter details the psychosocial and mental health aspects of specific conflicts and examines them within their sociopolitical and historical contexts. This volume will be of great interest to psychologists, social workers, anthropologists, historians, human rights experts, and psychiatrists working or interested in the field of psychotrauma.


1. Public Mental Health, Traumatic Stress and Human Rights Violations in Low-Income Countries: A Culturally Appropriate Model in Times of Conflict, Disaster and Peace; J.T.V.M. De Jong.
2. The Cambodian Experience; W.A.C.M. Van de Put, M. Eisenbruch.
3. Community Based Psychosocial and Mental Health Services for Southern Sudanese Refugees in Long-Term Exile in Uganda; N. Baron.
4. Psychosocial Consequences of War - Northern Sri Lankan Experience; D. Somasundaram, C.S. Jamunanantha.
5. Addressing Human Rights Violations: A Public Mental Health Perspective on Helping Torture Survivors in Nepal; M.H. Van Ommeren, et al.
6. Addressing the Psychosocial and Mental Health Needs of Tibetan Refugees in India; E. Ketzer, A. Crescenzi.
7. Community Mental Health as Practiced by the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme; S. Qouta, E. el Sarraj.
8. Walks in Kaliti, Life in a Destitute Shelter for the Displaced in Addis Ababa; L. Aptekar, R. Giel.
9. Terrorism, Traumatic Events and Mental Health in Algeria; M.A.A. Sidhoum, et al.
10. How can participation on the community and traditional healers improve primary health care in Kinshasa, Congo? J. Le Roy.


From the reviews:
"The book is a very valuable resource for agencies and multidisciplinarian teams who want to initiate and set up efficient community mental health and psychosocial services in low-income countries facing complex humanitarian and political emergencies. This book is a very worthy addition to understanding the nature of trauma and violence and how attempts are being made to provide adequate public mental health programs."
(Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 49:2 (April 2004)
"De Jong's book details theories of how to provide mental health assistance in a public health model ... . The overall purpose of the book is to advance knowledge of how to address the psychosocial consequences of war and other forms of mass violence and human rights violations. ... Among the interesting and useful offerings in each chapter is a concise history of the culture, political system, and origin of the causes of the trauma for which mental health solutions have been sought." (James E. McCarrol, The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Vol. 192 (12), December, 2004)
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