Liberated Cinema: The Yugoslav Experience, 1945-2001

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Presents the story of the Yugoslav cinema of the 1980s and addresses major film developments that have taken place in the former Yugoslavia's five successor states. This title situates the developments within the context of film economics, state subsidies, and changing patterns of political control.


Acknowledgments; Introduction 1. Establishment and Evolution of a National Cinema, 1945-1950 2. Decentralization and Breaking the Mold, 1951-1960 3. New Film and Republican Ascendancy, 1961-1972 4. Confrontation With the Revolutionary Past 5. Contemporary Reality: Critical Visions 6. Accommodation and Resurgence: the New Yugoslav Cinema, 1973-1990 7. The Breakup of Yugoslavia: Cinematic Reflections, 1991-2001 Notes; Selected Bibliography; Selected Filmography; Index


Daniel J. Goulding, Professor Emeritus of Film Studies at Oberlin College, is editor of Five Filmmakers and Post New Wave Cinema in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (both from Indiana University Press).


"Daniel Goulding's revised and updated Liberated Cinema: The Yugoslav Experience, 1945-2001 is an extremely rewarding and informative read. The book is one which should form a compulsory accompaniment to any East European Cinema course, and is well worth reading for anyone with even a broad interest in the former Yugoslavia. Goulding provides the reader with enough political and cultural background to that no previous knowledge of the country is necessary to understand the context of the films themselves and of the industry that produced them... Liberated Cinema is a pleasure to read ... tracing the historical narrative of the industry and specific films. Above all, the book is to be praised for the large number of films it covers ..."--Milena Michalski, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, SEER, 82/2 2004
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