Pinter at Sixty

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..". insights and expertise which all together furnish a usefuladdition to Pinter studies." -- Modern Language Review
Essaysby both scholars and theater artists examine the work of British playwright HaroldPinter. The essays focus on performance, politics, gender issues, interpersonalmanipulation, style and language, on influence, and on the interplay betweenPinter's theatrical and film-scripting careers. Illustrated.


PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I. PINTER IN PRODUCTION 1. Pinter in Rehearsal: From The Birthday Party to Mountain Language: Carey Perloff 2. Producing Pinter: Louis Marks II. POLITICAL PINTER 3. Harold PinterOs Theatre of Cruelty: Martin Esslin 4. Harold PinterOs The Hothouse: A Parable of the Holocaust: Rosette C. Lamont 5. Disjuncture as Theatrical and Postmodern Practice in Griselda GambaroOs The Camp and Harold PinterOs Mountain Language: Jeanne Colleran 6. The Outsider in Pinter and Havel: Susan Hollis Merritt III. PINTEROS POETICS 7. The Betrayal of Facts: Pinter and Duras beyond Adaption: Judith Roof 8. Image and Attention in Harold Pinter: Alice Rayner 9. Pinter and the Ethos of Minimalism: Jon Erickson IV. PINTER AND INFLUENCE 10. Xhekhov, Beckett, Pinter: The St(r)ain upon the Silence: Alice N. Benston 11. That first last look: Martha Fehsenfeld 12. A Rose by any other name: Pinter and Shakespeare: Hersh Zeifman 13. From Novel to Film: Harold PinterOs Adaptation of The Trial: Francis Gillen 14. I am Powerful...and I am only the lowest doorkeeper: Power Play in KafkaOs The Trial and PinterOs Victoria Station: John L. Kundert-Gibbs V. PINTER AND FILM 15. Art Objects as Metaphors in the Filmscripts of Harold Pinter: Steven H. Gale 16. Pinter and Bowen: The Heat of the Day: Phyllis R. Randall VI. Alaskan Perspectives 17. Portrait of Deborah: A Kind of Alaska: Moonyoung C. Ham 18. DeborahOs Homecoming in A Kind of Alaska: An Afterword: Katherine H. Burkman WORKS CITED CONTRIBUTORS INDEX


KATHLEEN H. BURKMAN is Professor of English at The Ohio State University and author of The Dramatic World of Harold Pinter: Its Basis in Ritual; The Arrival of Godot: Ritual Patterns in Modern Drama; and Simon Gray: A Casebook. JOHN L. KUNDERT-GIBBS is currently a Ph.D. candidate at The Ohio State University.
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