Comprehensive Handbook of Cognitive Therapy

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Juni 1989



This Handbook covers all the many aspects of cognitive therapy both in its practical application in a clinical setting and in its theoretical aspects. Since the first applications of cognitive therapy over twenty years ago, the field has expanded enormously.This book provides a welcome and readable overview of these advances.


Theory and Research: The History of Cognition in Psychotherapy (A. Ellis).
Cognitive Therapy (A.T. Beck & M. Weishaar).
The Measurement of Cognition in Psychopathology: Clinical and Research Applications (J.O. Goldberg & B.F. Shaw).
rocess and Outcome in Cognitive Therapy (E.E. Beckham & J.T. Watkins).
Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive Science (D. Tataryn et al.).
Constructs of the Mind in Mental Health and Psychotherapy (R.S. Lazarus).
The Role of Cognitive Change in Psychotherapy (L.E. Beutler & P.D. Guest).
Clinical Applications of Cognitive Therapy: Clinical Assessment in Cognitive Therapy (T. Merluzzi).
Combined Cognitive Therapy and Pharmacology (J. Wright & R. Schrodt).
Cognitive Restructuring through Guided Imagery: Lessons from Gestalt Therapy (D. Edwards).
Cognitive Therapy with the Adult Depressed Patient (C. Perris).
The Treatment of Suicidal Behavior (A. Freeman & D. White).
Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety (A. Freeman & K.M. Simon).
Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches to the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa (S. Edgette & M. Prout). Treatment of Obesity (M. Cramer).
16 additional articles. Index.
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