Electrical Properties of Cells

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DeFelice presents this intricate subject in an easy-to-follow, stepwise fashion: he reviews the fundamentals of electricity; transfers those principles to a biological context; and expands the discussion to encompass the subject's practical dimensions. Clear definitions and intuitive descriptions characterize the presentation, which is complemented by over 150 drawings and graphs. Mathematics is kept to the minimum necessary. The text covers both excitable and non-excitable membranes and includes the plasma membrane as well as intracellular membranes. A unique, `electronics-made-simple' appendix, designed specifically for biologists, treats the operational amplifiers used in patch clamp, and other appendices offer solutions to equations and examples that illustrate principles.


Basics. Van de Graaff. Capacitors. Dielectric Constant. Capacititive Current. Batteries. Bioelectricity. Bioelectricity. Diffusion. Gravity and Diffusion Compared. Membrane Potential. Membrane Capacitance. Ion Selectivity. Channel Density. Channel Conductance. The Total Membrane. Applications. Current. The Boltzmann Equation. Fluctuations in the Current. The Double-Sided Boltzmann Equation. Boltzmann Distribution when a Population of Channels is Always Open. ACh Receptor-Channel Complexes. Ion Channels in Sperm. Appendix I. Operation Amplifiers. Appendix II. Solution to Nernst-Planck Equation. Appendix III. There Are All Kinds of Averages. Appendix IV. How Money Goes. Index.
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