Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults

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April 2003



Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults offer teachers and fans of fantasy literature a historical and critical review of this fascinating genre. Readers will be introduced to the various subgenre and categories of fantasy literature for children and young adults and be provided with criteria with which to evaluate the many texts available.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 1 Introduction Chapter 3 2 Fairy Tales Chapter 4 3 Mixed Fantasy Chapter 5 4 Heroic-Ethical Traditions Chapter 6 5 Conclusions Chapter 7 Bibliography Chapter 8 For Further Reading and Professional Growth Chapter 9 Index Chapter 10 About the Authors


Pamela S. Gates is professor of English at Central Michigan University and is currently serving as associate dean of the College of Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences. Susan B. Steffel is professor of English at Central Michigan University and a veteran teacher with thirty years of teaching experience. Francis L. Molson is professor emeritus of English, having retired from Central Michigan University after twenty-five years of teaching, the last ten serving as chair of the department. The authors have a combined 75 years of classroom teaching experience in the field of preparing teachers for elementary and secondary classroom settings.


Functions as an elementary introduction to fantasy. Good resources are provided for further study. VOYA Interestinggggg Booklist, 12/1/2003 ...the authors' passion for their subject comes through clearly; their arguments...are convincing, and their descriptions of its many jewels will have readers browsing libraries and bookstores for books by Alan Garner, Ursula Le Guin, Nesbit, and others. School Library Journal The authors obviously know their subject, and they're able to lay it out for readers by giving plenty of examples of the good stuff. Which in turn makes it good stuff all by itself...I was pleasantly surprised at just how much information they managed to fit in such a small book. They do a great job of discussing fairy tales...It's a nice overview, with the authors detailing most points thoroughly. Green Man Review Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults offers a clear and concise overview of an incredibly complex and diverse genre that is often difficult to understand. The book will be an excellent teaching tool. The way the authors have organized their discussions around the various categories of fantasy literature is outstanding. Their discussions are clear, easy to follow and always supported with many well-chosen examples of representative authors, critics, and theorists. -- Edward T. Sullivan, author of Reaching Reluctant Young Adult Readers Interesting Booklist, 12/1/2003
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