Literacy and Learning: An Expeditionary Discovery Through Children's Literature

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April 2003



A basic textbook on the classifications and uses of children's literature in the elementary school. For pre-service teachers and undergraduate students in elementary education.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Chapter 1 The Primacy of Discovery: Foundations of Literacy Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Self-Discovery of Literacy: Emerging Readers and Writers Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Acquiring Literacy through Children's Literature: Continuation of Self-Discovery Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Steering Actions Guided by Character and Heart: Service and Compassion Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Lighting and Imagination: Having and Celebrating Wonderful ideas in Children's Literature Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Literature that Touches the Heart: Empathy and Caring Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Meeting Life's Challenges: Successes and Failures Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Learning to Grow Together: Collaboration and Competition Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Joining Communities and Cultures: Diversity and Inclusivity Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Relating to the Universe and Fostering Stewardship: The Natural World Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Replenishing Energies: Solitude and Reflection Chapter 13 Chapter 12 The Literature Program in the Curriculum Chapter 14 Appendix: Children's Book Awards Chapter 15 Bibliography Chapter 16 Subject Index Chapter 17 Author and Illustrator Index Chapter 18 Title Index Chapter 19 About the Authors


Suzanne W. Hawley has taught children's literature at Florida Gulf Coast University and the University of South Florida and was an elementary school media specialist for over twenty years. Carolyn V. Spillman is a professor of education at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.


This unique book addresses Outward Bound's 10 design principles of Expeditionary Learning as they relate to children's literature...Practical and useful information regarding various children's book awards is provided in the appendices. The bibliography supplies the reader with a handy reference of children's books, ranging from pre-kindergarten through middle level. Although some may see this book as a children's literature textbook for preservice teachers and undergraduate students in elementary education, it really has the potential to be a more valuable resource for practicing teachers. Already having basic background in children's literature and its genres allows the reader to think more deeply and creatively as he or she reads this interesting reference text. Childhood Education Inspired by the philosophy of expeditionary learning associated with the Outward Bound program, the authors of this book show how children's literature can be incorporated into Outward Bound's basic curriculum. -- Mark I. West Children's Literature Association Quarterly
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