Public Goods, Private Goods

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""Public Goods, Private Goods" is philosophically interesting, remarkably subtle, and analytically acute. Moreover, its conclusions are compellingly argued and important."--Daniel Brudney, University of Chicago
"The fund of information Geuss brings into his discussion of the ancients, and the verve and charm with which it is all presented, make the central chapters of this book particularly engaging. The section on Diogenes the Cynic is very interesting, the presentation is lively and vigorous, and what Geuss has to say will be news for an English-speaking audience. Much the same is true with the section on Caesar. And the account of Augustine's search for himself is, again, striking and full of interest."--John M. Cooper, Princeton University


PREFACE vii CHAPTER I. Introduction 1 CHAPTER II. Shamelessness and the Public World 12 CHAPTER III. Res Publica 3 CHAPTER IV. The Spiritual and the Private 55 CHAPTER V. Liberalism 75 CHAPTER VI. Conclusion 105 NOTES 115 REFERENCES 137 INDEX 145


Raymond Geuss is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of "The Idea of a Critical Theory" and "History and Illusion in Politics".


"A brief and scintillating exploration... Lively and provocative, it contains ... an impressive assortment of ideas, arguments, and themes... Too few philosophical works are a great pleasure to read. This is one of them."--Richard Kraut, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews "Both edifying and disquieting... Geuss's expositional skills make his tour through the classical world as enlightening as the conceptual distinctions which are its official destination."--Leif Wenar, Ethics "This book makes it possible to hope once again that philosophy could become political ... by using its own resources of genealogical investigation, analytic criticism, and conceptual reflection."--Christoph Menke, Die Zeit "A finely written and persuasive criticism of a pervasive current assumption."--James Warren, Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews
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