Ecological Networks and Greenways

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The establishment of ecological networks in Europe and greenways in America has required application of the principles of landscape ecology to land use planning. This book provides a thorough overview of recent developments, combining theoretical concepts of landscape ecology with the practice of landscape planning and management. In addition to biological and physical considerations for biodiversity protection and restoration, equal coverage is given to cultural and aesthetic issues illustrating how sustainable land use policies can be implemented.


1. Introduction Rob H. G. Jongman and Gloria Pungetti; 2. The context and concept of ecological networks Rob H. G. Jongman; 3. Greenways in the USA: theory, trends and prospects Jack F. L. Ahern; 4. Ecological functioning of ecological networks: a species perspective Jana Verboom and Rogier Pouwels; 5. Impacts of roads on ecological networks and integration of conservation and transportation planning: Florida as a case study Daniel J. Smith; 6. Ecological corridors on an European scale: a typology and identification of target species Irene M. Bouwma, Ruud P. B. Foppen and Alexander J. F. M. Van Opstal; 7. Planning the future landscape between nature and culture Gloria Pungetti and Bernardino Romano; 8. From models to reality: design and implementation process Marius Bolck, Giuseppe De Togni, Theo Van der Sluis and Rob H. G. Jongman; 9. Design of the Pan-European ecological network: a national level attempt Kalle Remm, Ulo Mander, Mart Kulvik and Kalev Sepp; 10. Ecological 'black spots' within the ecological network: an improved design for rural road networks amelioration Rinus F. Jaarsma; 11. An ecological network for the Milano region based on focal species Renato Massa, Luciano Bani, Marco Baietto, Luciana Bottoni and Emilio Padoa Schioppa; 12. Connecting corridors: implementing metropolitan greenway networks in North America Donna L. Erickson; 13. The Florida Statewide Greenways Project, its realisation and political context Thomas S. Hoctor, Margaret H. Carr, Paul D. Zwick and David S. Maehr; 14. The ecological network development in the Yungas, Argentina: planning economic and social aspects Daniel Somma, Maria Bettina Aued and Lia Bachman; 15. The river corridor of the Guadiamar Antonio Mora and Jose M. Arenas; 16. Conclusions: into the 21st century Rob H. G. Jongman and Gloria Pungetti.


Rob Jongman is a Senior Researcher at Alterra Green World Research in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Gloria Pungetti is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Horticulture and Landscape at the University of Reading.


'... excellent and timely ... an important book that deserves to be read by all of us involved in modern conservation practice.' Biologist
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