DNA: Changing Science and Society

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Dezember 2003



Eight essays on the impact of DNA on science and society by key researchers; for the general reader.


Introduction Torsten Krude; 1. The discovery of the Double Helix Aaron Klug; 2. Genetic fingerprinting Alec Jeffreys; 3. Ancient DNA Svante Paabo; 4. DNA and cancer Ron Laskey; 5. DNA, biotechnology and society Malcolm Grant; 6. DNA in reproduction medicine Robert Winston; 7. Genes and language Dorothy Bishop; 8. DNA and ethics Onora O'Neill.


'DNA and molecular biology have had a deep impact on society during the last 50 years: this book provides an excellent perspective.' Francis Crick '... will appeal to anyone involved in biochemistry and evolutionary biology from A-level upwards.' Focus '... a diverse and enjoyable book ...'. Journal of Genetical Research '... a diverse and enjoyable book, which I hope gets a broad readership.' William G. Hill, University of Edinburgh '... consistently interesting and well-written book ...'. The Magazine of the Cambridge Society 'In dealing with the large number of complex situations, there is a great need for wider understanding of both the biology and ethical issues. These essays provide authoritative descriptions of their diverse subjects.' Times Higher Education Supplement
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