Ontology, Causality, and Mind

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Juni 2003



This collection of essays, all especially written for this volume, explore the many facets of Armstrong's work, concentrating on his interests.


Preface; Part I. Possibility and Identity: 1. Armstrong's new combinatorialist theory of modality William G. Lycan; 2. Many, but almost one David Lewis; Part II. The Theory of Universals: 3. Just like quarks? the status of repeatables Peter Forrest; 4. Sets are haecceities John Biglow; 5. Properties and predicates D. H. Mellor; Part III. Causality and Laws of Nature: 6. Are causal laws contingent? Evan Fales; 7. Laws of nature as a species of regularities J. J. C. Smart; 8. Power for realists C. B. Martin; 9. Laws of nature, modality and humean supervenience Peter Menzies; Part IV. Consciousness and Secondary Qualities: 10. Block's challenge Frank Jackson; 11. David Armstrong and realism about colour Keith Campbell; Bibliography of the works of D. M. Armstrong; Index.
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