Marketing Heritage: Archaeology and the Consumption of the Past

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August 2004



Within this edited volume, original case studies from well-known sites throughout the world are presented to address the complex interaction between archaeology and nationalist, political, and commercial policies. This book should appeal to archaeologists, applied anthropologists, tourism and economic development specialists, and historic preservationists alike, as well others with an interest in the preservation of archaeological sites as historic locales.


Chapter 1 Preface 2 Section I: Introduction 3 Chapter 1 "Archaeology after Nationalism: Globalization and the Consumption of the Past" 4 Section II: The Legal and Historical Context for Marketing Heritage 5 Chapter 2 "International Conventions and Cultural Heritage Protection" 6 Chapter 3 "The Politics of Playing Fair, or, Who's Losing Their Marbles?" 7 Chapter 4 "From Lord Elgin to James Henry Breasted: The Politics of the Past in the First Era of Globalization" 8 Section III: Commodification of the Past 9 Chapter 5 "Conflating Past and Present: Marketing Archaeological Tourism? Advertising and the Appropriation of Culture" 10 Chapter 6 "Mementos of the Past: Material Culture of Tourism at Stonehenge and Avebury" 11 Chapter 7 "Where are the Maya in Ancient Maya Archaeological Tourism? Advertising and the Appropriation of Culture" 12 Section IV: Archaeology in the Global Age 13 Chapter 8 "Archaeological Research and Cultural Heritage Management in Cambodia's Mekong Delta: The Search for the 'Cradle of Khmer Civilization'" 14 Chapter 9 "Recovering the German Nation: Heritage Restoration and the Search for Unity" 15 Chapter 10 "Deep Dirt: Messing up the Past at Colonial Williamsburg" 16 Chapter 11 "Targeting Heritage: The Abuse of Symbolic Sites in Modern Conflicts" 17 Section V: Representing the Past 18 Chapter 12 "Tourism, the Ideology of Design and the Nationalized Past in Zippori/Sepphoris, an Israeli National Park" 19 Chapter 13 "The Roads to Ruins: Accessing Islamic Heritage in Jordan" 20 Chapter 14 "Re-Packaging the Pilgrimage: Visiting the Holy Land in Orlando" 21 Section VI: Conclusions: Archaeologists and the Marketing of Heritage 22 Chapter 15 "Is the medium the message? The art of interpreting archaeology in the U.S. National Parks" 23 Chapter 16 "Engaging with Heritage Issues: The Role of the World Archaeological Congress" 24 Chapter 17 "Making the Past Profitable in an Age of Globalization and National Ownership: contradictions and considerations"


Yorke M. Rowan is Visiting Professor at the University of Notre Dame and Research Associate with the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute. Uzi Baram is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the New College of Florida.


This book will rightly make you question the social forces at play in marketing heritage, the politics of of representation apparent in particular pasts, and the way sin which commodification affects your own views about what you see and reach about heritage sites. -- Larry Zimmerman The Key Reporter This volume is an important contribution to the debates on cultural tourism and the marketing of heritage places... I recommend this book to anyone interested in heritage issues and tourism and to any archaeologist wishing to pursue how archaeological knowledge and data is understood and used in the wider world. Antiquity It is essential reading for people involved in the presentation of heritage, be they based in museums, interpretive centers, or historical parks. It is equally necessary reading for those in universities and consulting companies who 'produce' heritage because it stimulates us to contemplate how our data will be used after the permit reports and the scientific publications are put on the shelf. Canadian Journal Of Archaeology This is no business school analysis or laundry list marketing plan, but, rather, a thought-provoking and wide-ranging analysis of the manifestation and implications of heritage tourism based on the traditions of anthropological theory and inquiry... The authors do a tremendous job of presenting this primary thesis, and validate that it is, indeed, a global phenomenon. Crm: The Journal Of Heritage Stewardship This volume marks an important contribution to the growing literature on international heritage management. The chapters are global in scope and include both familiar and unfamiliar sites and issues...Marketing Heritage is a very strong work. The case studies are interesting, varied, provocative, well written, and will meet the needs and interests of a wide readership. -- Julie H. Ernstein, The College of William and Mary American Anthropologist It is a well-presented and well-referenced... I recommend it to heritage practitioners with site planning roles, for the issues raised stimulate awareness of the risks and processes in marketing our heritage. Historic Environment While the imporatance of culture and heritage for tourism has been recognized and studied by both tourism academics and destination planners, this book provides a new and valuable perspective on heritage tourism, as it enables readers to understand how archaeologists perceive the growing influence of the sector on hte global marketing of the inherited past. Journal Of Heritage Tourism
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