Understanding the Small Family Business

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August 2002



It is estimated that family businesses comprise between 60-90 % of all firms in Europe and the United States. This book makes an important contribution to the understanding of small family firms by bringing together a number of key themes in management/organisation studies. Reviewing a range of theoretical approaches, examining key literature and drawing from an international range of primary research, it also points to the future of research in this arena, and indicates how support and policy initiatives may be directed in the future.


1. Denise Fletcher Introduction: 'Family' as a Discursive Resource for Understanding the Small, Business Part 1: The Rationality Discourse in Studies of the Small, Family Business 2. Paul Westhead, Marc Cowling, David Storey and Carole Howorth The Scale and Nature of Family Business 3. Annika Hall Towards an Understanding of Strategy Processes in Small, Family Businesses: a Multi-Rational Perspective 4. Bengt Johannisson Energising Entrepreneurship - Ideological Tensions in the Medium-sized Business Part 2: A Resource-Based Discourse in Studies of the Small, Family Business 5. Kosmas Smyrnios, Claudio Romano, George Tanewski, Paul Karofsky, Robert Millen and Mustafa Yilmaz Work-to-Family Conflict: a Comparison of American and Australian Family and Non-Family Business Owners 6. Barbara Murray Understanding the Emotional Dynamics of Family Enterprises 7. Mattias Nordqvist and Leif Melin The Dynamics of Family Firms: an Institutional Perspective on Corporate Governance and Strategic Change 8. Panikkos Poutziouris The Financial Affairs of Smaller, Family Companies 9. Harry Matlay Training and HRM Strategies in Small, Family-Owned Businesses: an Empirical Overview 10. Jill Thomas The Emergence of Leaders in Family Business Part 3: A Critical Discourse in Studies of the Small, Family Business 11. Monder Ram and Trevor Jones Exploring the Connection: Ethnic Minority Business and the Family Enterprise 12. Susan Bainesm, Jane Wheelock and Elizabeth Oughton A Household Based Approach to the Small Business Family 13. Saija Katila Emotions and the Moral Order of Farm Business Families in Finland


Denise E. Fletcher is Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Business School, teaching Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Research Methodology in the MBA and Masters programmes. She has also taught on small business and entrepreneurship courses delivered in Greece, France, Poland the Czech Republic and Kenya. Over the last ten years Dr. Fletcher has been working will small companies through a variety of research projects addressing business development issues in small firms. Her research interests also extend to family firms and her doctoral thesis was on the topic of strategic change issues in the small, family business. She has participated extensively in European workships, conferences and research projects, and has published widely in the small business literature.


"Collected articles tackle the complex relationship between family and business and the dominant factors that lead to the success or failure of such an enterprise.."
-Business Horizons
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