The Shaping of Deduction in Greek Mathematics: A Study in Cognitive History

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Juli 2003



This book provides a way to understand a momentous development in human intellectual history: the phenomenon of deductive argument in classical Greek mathematics. The argument rests on a close description of the practices of Greek mathematics, principally the use of lettered diagrams and the regulated, formulaic use of language.


Introduction: a specimen of Greek mathematics; 1. The lettered diagram; 2. The pragmatics of letters; 3. The mathematical lexicon; 4. Formulae; 5. The shaping of necessity; 6. The shaping of generality; 7. The historical setting; Appendix: the main Greek mathematicians cited in the book.


' ... a necessary read for anyone interested in the history of Greek mathematics but will also be interesting to a wider audience, particularly philosophers of science and intellectual historians ... Netz has made an important contribution to intellectual history and has asked a diverse set of questions whose answers, while difficult, will broaden our understanding of the development of deductive practices.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review 'This is a fascinating and stimulating book ...'. Journal of Hellenic Studies '... his views are sure not only to stimulate some interesting debates outside the philosophical community ... but also to give philosophers of science an exotic fruit to sink their teeth into.' Philosophical Writings ' ... very well written ... almost every sentence, indeed next to every clause, carries a message that asks for the reader's active thought. It can safely be recommended as s must to anybody who is genuinely interested in the relation between Greek mathematics and logic ...' Studia Logica
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