Advances in Librarianship Volume 18

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November 1994



Critically acclaimed since its inception, Advances in Librarianship continues to be the essential reference source for developments in the field of libraries and library science. Articles published in Advances have won national prizes, such as the recent Blackwell North America Scholarship Award for the outstanding 1994 monograph, article, or original paper in the field of acquisitions, collection, development, and related areas of resource development. All areas of public, college, university, primary and secondary schools, and special libraries are given up-to-date, critical analysis by experts engaged in the practice of librarianship, in teaching, and in research. Each volume of Advances in Librarianship contains an index, and each chapter includes references.


P. Vakkari, Library and Information Science: Its Content and Scope. C.C. Kuhlthau, Students and the Information Search Process: Zones of Intervention for Librarians. C. Ferguson, Reshaping Academic Library Reference Service: A Review of Issues, Trends, and Possibilities. V.A. Walter, The Information Needs of Children. E.K. Eaton, Information Management Systems Planning: A Process for Health Science Libraries and Institutions. B.A. Reynolds, Public Library Funding: Issues, Trends, and Resources. O.D. Popa and S.J. Lamprecht, Romania and United States Library Connections. C.C. Bush and H.R. Enssle, Indoor Air Quality: Planning and Managing Library Buildings. Subject Index.


"Through the years this series has proven an important barometer of the profession--its concerns and values. The challenge, therefore, is for subsequent volumes to live up to expectations. In this case, these expectations have been met... The essays are all well written, scholarly, and very readable, without the unevenness often found in this type of work... Extensive bibliographies conclude each section and provide readers with excellent citations for furthering their reading. This work should appeal to librarians in libraries at many different professional levels. It is a credit to the continuing series." --Marjorie Bloss in AMERICAN REFERENCE ANNUAL
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