Chapters from the Agrarian History of England and Wales: Volume 2, Rural Society: Landowners, Peasants and Labourers, 1500 1750

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September 2003



Chapters from The Agrarian History of England and Wales, volumes IV and V part II, now appear for the first time in five paperback volumes, designed primarily for a student readership. Dealing respectively with pieces, wages, profits and rents; estate management and the condition of the farm labourer; agricultural techniques and enclosure; marketing; and rural building, these studies bring together the fruits of co-operative scholarship from authorities on the social and economic history of rural England and Wales in the early modern period. To set each subject in context and to update material where necessary, new introductions have been written by the authors of each volume.


List of tables and text-figures; Editor's preface; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Landlords in England, 1500-1640 Gordon Batho and Joyce Touings; 2. Landlords in Wales, 1500-1640 The Late L. Jones Pierce and Glanmor Williams; 3. Farm Labourers, 1500-1640 Alan Everett; 4. Select biblioraphy, 1500-1640; 5. Landlords and estate management in England, 1640-1750 Christopher Clay; 6. Landlords and estate managemetn in Wales, 1640-1750 David W. Howell; 7. Select bibliography; Index.


'The book is a treasure and again places England in the vanguard of scholarship on the social and economic history of modern Europe.' English Historical Review 'Volume IV of The Agrarian History will no doubt stand as an indispensable authority ...' The Times Literary Supplement 'It will be a very long time indeed before [volume IV] and the mass of references it contains is superseded as the basic standard work on this period.' Agriculture ' ... this volume will remain an authoritative work of reference for many years to come.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'This is an outstanding achievement in scholarship and will remain the standard work of reference.' British Book News
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