Akehurst's Modern Introduction to International Law

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First published in 1970, "A Modern Introduction to International Law" rapidly established itself as the most widely used and successful textbook in its field. This new edition is now completely revised and updated to take account of many new developments. It is ideal for students of international politics, for whom the topics covered on a legal syllabus have been carefully adapted.
"Akehurst's Modern Introduction to International Law" covers a variety of topics, from diplomatic immunity to human rights, and from recognition of government to war crimes. The book is particularly concerned with the relationship between international law and international politics, and it devotes special attention to such controversial topics as self-determination and the expropriation of foreign-owned property where the conflicting interests and attitudes of different states are most apparent.


1 Introduction 2 History and Theory 3 Sources of international law 4 International law and municipal law 5 States and governments 6 International organisations, companies, individuals and groups 7 Jurisdiction 8 Immunity from jurisdiction 9 Treaties 10 Acquisition of territory 11 Legal consequences of changes of sovereignty over territory (state succession) 12 The law of the sea 13 Air space and outer space 14 Human rights 15 Economy 16 Environment 17 State responsibility 18 Peaceful settlement of disputes between states 19 International wars, civil wars and the right to self-determination: ius ad bellum 20 Means of waging war and criminal responsibility: ius in bello 21 The charter and the organs of the United nations 22 The United Nations and peace and security Conclusion; Table of Cases; Table of treaties, resolutions and other documents; Index


"Professor Malanczuk has written a new edition of Michael Akehurst's textbook which maintains its high traditions of clarity, precision and coherence. The new edition, more widely-detailed and widely-referenced, will appeal to a wider audience than its predecessor, whilst still satisfying the needs of those seeking an accessible introduction to international law, whether lawyers or not."
-Colin Warbrick, University of Durham
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