State and Society in Pre-Colonial Asante

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Scholarship on the West African kingdom of Asante is at the leading edge of Africanist research. T.C. McCaskie gives a detailed and nuanced historical portrait of precolonial Asante. The book is both a profound historical reconstruction of an African polity, and a deeply informed meditation on Asante concepts and ideas. Throughout the book, the Asante experience is consistently discussed in relation to a broad range of historiography and critical theory.


Preface; 1. Varieties of the Asante past; 2. Society and state in Asante history; 3. Asante odwira: experience interpreted, history constructed; 4. The Asante past considered; Appendices.


"...an extremely detailed and skillful reconstruction of the Asante past." American Historical Review "This intellectually ambitious and feisty book seeks to provide an alternative interpretation of Asante history during its centuries of independence and thereby to model a transforming approach to African historiography...McCaskie's analytical argument is embedded in richly detailed and voluminously annotated Asante cultural and historical data derived from published and unpublished, oral and written, Asante and European sources." Journal of Interdisciplinary History
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