The Global Market: Developing a Strategy to Manage Across Borders

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The twin forces of ideological change and the technology revolution make globalization the single most important issue facing executives today. But many companies who have developed a presence in the global market now face the challenges inherent in creating a multinational presence with the demands of the "unglobal consumer" who does not have a "one size fits all" need. Here, HBS Professors John Quelch and Deshpande bring together 13 Harvard Business School professors to discuss these and other problems and benefits encountered by executives in global markets. Topics to be discussed include: operating costs of global advertising and marketing services, global product standards; managing global supply chains; global account management; global brands; global knowledge sharing and performance drivers; managing global customers; and social marketing for global economic development.


Introduction: by Quelch and Deshpande
Part 1: Developing the Global Mindset
Chap. 1. The Global Mindset: A Perspective on Theodore Levitt's Globalization of Markets after Two Decades (Tedlow and Abdelal)
Chap. 2 The Globalization of Markets, (Theodore Leviit)
Chap. 3 One page description referring readers to attached CD-ROM that will
have the Theodore Levitt video (Stephen Greyser commentary)
Chapter 4. The Unglobalization of Japan (Takeuchi)
Part 2: The Quest for Universals
Chapter 5. Culture, Customer Centricity, and Globalization (Deshpandé, Farley)
Chap. 6 The Global Consumer: Rooting Marketing Strategy in Human Universals (Wathieu, Liu, and Zaltman)
Part 3. Managing the Global Business: The Balance Between Standardization
and Adaptation
Chap. 7 Organizing Multinational Companies for Collaborative Advantage (Hansen and Nohria,)
Part 4. Managing Global Products
Chap. 8 Global Product Standardization? A Case Study and a Model (Ghemawat)
Chap. 9 Sir Nick Scheele on Global Marketing
Part 5: Managing Global Brands
Chap 10. Managing the Brand-Product Continuum (Schroiff, Arnold)
Chap.11: Managing the Transnational Brand: How Global Perceptions Drive Value (Holt, Quelch, Taylor)
Part 6: Managing Global Services
Chap. 12 Global Marketing Services (Sir Martin Sorrell)
Chap. 13 Cost Economies in the Global Advertising and Marketing Services Business (Silk, Berndt)
Part 7: Managing Global Supply and Distribution
Chap. 14. Managing Global Supply Chains (Raman, Watson)
Chap. 15. Global Retailing (Bell, Lal and Salmon)
Part 8. Setting the Global Agenda: The Challenges Across National
Chap. 16: Empires of Profit (Litvin)
Chap. 17. Globalization and the Poor (Rangan, McCaffrey)
Conclusion: by Quelch and Deshpandé


John A. Quelch is senior associate dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Between 1998 and 2001 he was dean of London Business School. Quelch is the author or coauthor of sixteen books.
Rohit Deshpandeé is Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School. His primary research interest concerns the impact of corporate culture on global marketing strategy.

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