Theory of Money and Financial Institutions

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März 2004



This first volume in a three-volume exposition of Shubik's vision of "mathematical institutional economics" explores a one-period approach to economic exchange with money, debt, and bankruptcy.


Martin Shubik is Seymour Knox Professor of Mathematical Institutional Economics (Emeritus) at Yale University's Cowles Foundation and School of Management.


"These two volumes, with a gestation period of over thirty years, represent a thorough synthesis of a lifelong dedication to bringing together general equilibrium theory and game theory in conceiving a theory of money and financial economics that would be an abstract reflection of observed financial institutions and actual trading behavior in advanced free-market economics.... Overall, these two volumes form a unique blend of high theory and institutional economics, with very creative links between the two. The whole makes for stimulating, provocative, and enjoyable reading for a broad audience of economists and social scientists." - Rabah Amir, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics"
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